Hi! I am a linocut printmaker and illustrator, based in a green neighbourhood of Warsaw, Stare Bielany. 

I graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łodź in 2001 as an animation director. For over a decade I worked with digital media, mostly for advertising and I made a short animated film for the Polish National TV. 

As my interest in interior design grew and I became a collector of studio pottery I felt more and more tired of creating digital images and begun to look for something more tangible. My fascination with paper, ink and imperfection of handmade led me to printmaking. My parents are both artists and as I was growing up in their atelier, peeking at different techniques, I learned basics of linocut and silkscreen techniques. 

Currently I am mostly working as an illustrator, using linocut, paint and digital media. I am however open to various forms of collaboration as I have a wide range of experience from designing logotypes and visual identity, through storyboarding, book illustration and animated film, to designing clothes and textile print. I believe that each project brings in new 

I also run an online store Atelier Misko with my linocut prints and art objects by fellow artists. The passion for studio photography and social media allows me to run the store independently and I really enjoy styling and taking my shots as well as running my small business.

I find inspiration in Nature, Zen Buddhism, Finnish idea of Arki and the beauty of a human body. In the spare time I read science books, wander through the Nature with my pup, make vegan food, collect stones or pick new pottery pieces from friends.


2018 - "Będzie Pięknie" at Slou creative boutique, Warsaw

2015 - "Tales of Consumption" at cafe gallery Biały Koniczek, Warsaw;

2012 - "Ilustracja PL2012" group show, Soho Gallery, Warsaw;

2012 - "DŁUG / DEBT" group show at „undergroundzero” Festival, New York, USA;

2014 - "Malarze Ilustracji" at Museum of Modern Art, Warszawa;

2006 - "CapsulePeople" at Expresso Art House, Warsaw;


2018 - Flow Magazine, issue 22, "What Are You Up To?"

2018 - "Handmade Art" Sandu publishing

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