Tales of Consumption

A part of personal works series from 2007 - 2012,
a commentary on our often complicated relationship with food, tech and consumption.

The visual language, ostentatiously polished and decorative, utilises tools typical for advertising visuals and storyboards.
It also echoes Japanese manga and secession crafts.

Exhibited in Warsaw and New York, awarded by Japan Association of Illustrators and featured on Behance.
Archival prints in private collections.

This is Enough, Namazu

Mythical Japanese demon Namazu, in the shape of a giant catfish, tamed by fierce Slavic deity of the Nature was a central illustration for the charity prints and poster for the anti-nuclear symposium in Warsaw, in the aftermath of a 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The work also became a part of the book "Tsunami" (Reaktion Books, 2014).

"Birth of Beer" was inspired by the description of origin of beer in Finnish Kalevala.
"At Night in Mountains" (fragment) shows little Tatra Mountains demon, milking magic cow.
Digital images, 2012. 

Tales of Consumption

From overweight infants in "Corneaters", gorging on sweet cornflakes and sugar, with affected by industrial crops monarch butterflies in the background, through detailed depictions of corn pests like "Sitophilus"  - otherwise innocent insect which we kill en masse in order to preserve our crops, followed by foods from Japan, loaded with hidden eroticism, to Polish typical ham seller in Warsaw,  this series attempts to ease our guilt mixed with appetite.
Selected works from 2007 - 2012.

Capsule People

Personal artworks, digital, 2006 - 2006

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