recent graphical illustrations and brand identity concepts

zuza misko

Personal logo design for the Instagram promotional profile and portfolio website. The nude woman silhouette communicates freedom, fearlessness, new challenges and happy feminity. 

Logo design is based on a handmade linocut print of a winged woman.

sztuka dzikości 

Logo design for a personal coach and theatrical director, specialising in therapeutical courses for women. Her special request was to use the Swallow as a symbol of free and wild woman.


Four different logo and branding designs concept for a producer and wholesale retailer of CBD hemp oil. The design is simple and refers to the pure, medical grade quality of the product.

personal logo for the online store

Atelier Misko is an online store with my linocut prints. The winged bear refers to name Miśko - which is derived from the Polish "miś", meaning young bear. Logo design is based on one of my best selling prints "Ursa Major".

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