Heart on Fire

My second collection of apparel prints inspired by geometric and full of magic designs from the Zakopane region in Tatra mountains, made for By the Moon (Kids on the Moon adult clothing line).


This collection was abut passion and demons from the Tatra Mountains. The Eye of the Devil, weeping triangular tears, as well as the Horns attached to a heart remind, that even demons, who live in our souls, have some feelings and are capable of shedding a tear or two.

The Heart, encapsulating two symbols of moving Sun, is burning with desire, just like Tatra Mountains passionate folks, who don't joke about feelings. 

photos: Bożena Bejotte Jędrzejewicz, model: truly yours Zuza :)


pictured below:

1) one of many examples of woodwork, decorative cases made by students o the local arts and crafts school. 1920's, photo from the museum Willa Oksza in Zakopane.

2) metal decorative pin, inspired and crafted by locals at the beginning of the 20th century. pic. source: "The Zakopane Style of Stanisław Witkiewicz".

3) kitchen utensils, original fol woodwork, image source: Google

TATRICA kids apparel prints

I was very happy to be invited in 2017 by Kids On The Moon brand, to collaborate on their Tatrica collection.

The collection was inspired by folk style from Zakopane.

Zakopane, a small resort in Tatras, grew very popular among Polish artists and intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century. The fusion of local artisans and mountain guides with Warsaw elite creatives, seeking national identity in the turbulent times, gave birth to the decorative style in applied arts, called 'styl zakopiański'. 


In the summer shepherds move with their herds to the high mountains, where they live in summer huts, make cheese and play music by the fire. 

With its huge horns, the bell on the neck and curly fur, Ram was a perfect animal for kids with edge. The Heart and Rosette are popular folk motives, representing love and moving Sun. 

Additionally some stars, mountain peaks and Moons were created, to give the collection an outdoorsy touch. After all Zakopane is a famous ski resort and summer mountain escape. In the forests on the Tatrzański National Park, bears roam freely.


The linocut print technique used to make the designs was a perfect match with original, folk wood carving.

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