narkofiction (2011)

Vector illustration for Newsweek magazine, for the article on the future narcotics.

This is Enough, Namazu (2011)

Artwork and poster, for the nuclear energy symposium, which was held in Warsaw in 2011

Original artwork was made a few days after the Great Tohoku Earthqiake and Tsunami in Japan in 2011. According to traditional beliefs of the Japanese, earthquakes were caused by the movements of a giant, demonic catfish, called Namazu, who inhabited ocean depths beneath Japanese Islands. There were even special Namazu woodcut prints called "namazu-e", showing various, often humorous ways of taming the demon. They became especially popular in the 19th century, in the aftermath of the earthquake, which destroyed Edo (now Tokyo) in 1885. 

In this artwork Namazu is being tamed by Slavic nature goddess Rusałka, who strangles the demon with her blonde braids. The poster was sold on charity events, raising funds for the victims if the earthquake in Japan but it also provoked some cultural debate, due to the clash of strictly European nudity and imagery of nuclear contamination. 

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