Alignment - linocut prints

Linocut print is a traditional art technique, that produces a series of impressions, printed from one matrice. Each print is pulled by hand, resulting in little misalignments of colour, which are considered the advantage, never the flaw.
In this manual process, one matrice allows for different editions, varying in ink colour and paper. It is a very spontaneous and lively technique.
"Alignment" was printed from one block of linoleum in two colours - except from wings, each of them carved separately. Red colour stands for feminine and green/blue for masculine element. The end result is a mix of two wet inks and varies from print to print, depending on amount of ink applied on the block and pressure from the press. Each print gets printed twice but, just like in life, alignment is never perfect and outlines of the characters are dynamic.
This is what makes printing by hand interesting. 

Client: Self / Atelier Misko. Photos: Self
Year: 2018 - 2022
Shop: Atelier Misko



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