Shepherd of Thousand Hares - animated TV short for children ("Pasterz tysiąca zajęcy")

In 2008 I was invited by the animation studio in Poznań TVSFA, to direct and design short film for children, based on the story by Janina Porazińska and produced by the Polish National Television, for the 'Polish Fairytales' series ("Baśnie i bajki polskie"). 

The 11 minutes film was made in classical 2D hand - drawn technique. The project was supervised by Polish animation master Witold Giersz and produced by Ewa Sobolewska.

All images below ⓒ TVP S.A 2010 and respective owners.

Action takes place in 17th century Poland - at the countryside court of a local governor. 

After designing all characters, I created precise 2D models in all necessary poses, including portrait closeups, facial expressions and raw construction. 

 I had an honour to work with experienced Polish animators from Poznań and Bielsko Biała studios, who worked with my sketchy layouts and comments, as the one below.

All set designs, sketched in a computer, were precisely hand painted with gouache by my mother - fine art painter Bożena Jędrzejewicz.

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