Illustration: Róża

"Róża" ("Rose") scarf print design for special edition of  the music album "Róża", by cult Polish rock band Maanam, with the portrait of band vocalist - Kora. Warner Music Poland, 2019. 

The scarf was an extra addition to the commemorative, 25th anniversary re-edition of the album. Kora's colourful and warm personality was a source of inspiration for the design of the album, which was released shortly after her passing.

Róża meaning Rose in Polish, is a main motive of the design, centered around the portrait, together with Kora's favourite wild plants and butterflies, she used to sing about.

The scarf, which was designed two houses away from the late artist's home in Warsaw, would not have been possible without the creative idea of her husband Kamil Sipowicz, an artist and impresario.

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