Spirit Animals

Personal project. A series of linocut prints exploring spiritual power of animals, with their aspect is shamanism and the search for transcendence. 

Prints made in years 2016-2018, in different colour versions.

Super Blood Wolf Moon, 2018

Print made especially for the January 2019 Moon Eclipse. Silver, red and white ink on black paper.

Spirit Bear, 2017

Spirit aka Kermode Bear is an elusive and rare subspecies of American Brow Bear, which lives in the forests of British Columbia. It's unusual appearance is caused by unique genes, making its fur entirely white.

Lunar Friends, 2018

Celebrating feminity, wilderness and canine friends. Print made on Japanese mulberrry paper.

Spirit of The Mountains, 2018

Mountain goat print. Kawashi mulberry paper edition.


Pegasus was made as a gift for a little girl but it grew into two editions of prints. 

Additionally in 2018 Pegasus was adapted for textile prints as a part of the Kids on The Moon FW collection.

Ursa Major, 2017 

Celebrating the big bear, two editions were made in 2017 and 2018.

Additional screenprinted version on the right.

Flying Fish, 2018

Contemplating marine life.

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